Certified quality, the ability to offer custom solutions and decades of experience - these are the ingredients for our hydraulic cylinders.
A world without hydraulics is unimaginable. Especially for us here at ADVANTEC, because after all, our roots lie in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. Our products have enabled us to make our mark on the industry and solve our customers' problems on an individual basis.

Because it was not enough for us to just develop and manufacture hydraulic cylinders in the proven sizes. Instead, we structured our manufacturing facilities so that we can offer our customers an exceptional depth of production. We are able to produce piston diameters from 12mm to more than 1,500mm directly in our factory. And thanks to our partners, even more special sizes can be realised.

Whether ordering standard cylinders or one of our custom designs, you can always be sure of receiving the maximum quality from us. On the one hand, because we plan all our designs here on the premises. Our own service team can also take care of commissioning on site, as well as being available at all times for servicing and quality control works, among others. And on the other hand, because we fulfil the criteria for all common certifications (including ISO 9001 and more). We're so proud of our work that our machines solely use hydraulic equipment 'Made by ADVANTEC'. Because we know that great power brings with it great responsibility!

We would be pleased to present you with further details about our hydraulic solutions in a personal consultation. Simply get in touch with us via email, by telephone or using our contact form.

Working in unison for technological progress.


If it says ADVANTEC on it, ADVANTEC is in it. The group's individual branches perfectly complement one another, in order to provide solutions to all customer requests.
Because we can
Certified quality, the ability to offer custom solutions and decades of experience - these are the ingredients for our hydraulic cylinders.
Tunnel and Mining Solution
Because we love it
For us, limits are there to be tested. Our roadheaders are therefore able to work under geological conditions that are impenetrable for others.
Industrial Service
Because we are better
We have structured our team so that we can provide immediate worldwide help with assembly, maintenance and all services relating to machines and more.
Our Roadheaders go deep for you!


Do you have any questions, or do you require expert advice?
Then simply speak to us. We would be pleased to help - directly and with the personal touch! +49 (0)2389 -9280-0

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ADVANTEC Unternehmensgruppe
Osterkamp 15
59368 Werne - Germany
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Phone: +49 (0)2389 -9280-0
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E-Mail: info@advantec.company

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