We move borders

We move borders

Standstill and ADVANTEC do not go together. Finding solutions is our motivation, our drive and what we do better than our competitors!
At the ADVANTEC Group in the Ruhr area, the heart of the mining industry of germany, there is a term that has been coined over generations. It is called "malochen". "Malochers" are people who are willing to work hard and never give up. How could it be any other way than this term also describes the DNA of the ADVANTEC Group?

Ever since we founded the ADVANTEC Group, we have been working on finding new ways to move forward. When others were satisfied with the current situation, we moved on. We worked hard, tested and analyzed for days and nights until we had solved another of those problems that makes life difficult for companies in our industry worldwide. Today we can develop hydraulic cylinders in almost every size that always meet the individual requirements of our customers. We can work successfully with our TDR series roadheaders in geologies where other machines fail. In this way, we keep pushing the limits of what is possible.

We are therefore very proud of our achievements. But we will not rest on our laurels. Because we love hard work. And because we know that we can only stay at least one step ahead of our competitors if we do what we have always done best: work hard!
Our Roadheaders go deep for you!


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ADVANTEC Unternehmensgruppe
Osterkamp 15
59368 Werne - Germany
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Phone: +49 (0)2389 -9280-0
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E-Mail: info@advantec.company

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